Hello! I am Ivan

I'm a designer, currently living in Moscow and working at Qlean. I help making interfaces clear and convenient. Recently I have started writing my blog about product design. I like snowboarding and going to concerts.

You can find me on facebook and donโ€™t forget to subscribe to my instagram

Web interfaces
and mobile apps at Qlean

It is a cleaning service. Together with a team, we are making Customer Journey Maps and upgrading interfaces for all platforms

I order cleaning myself and recommend it to you. So you’ll have more time for your family and yourself. By the way, there is a 700 roubles discount on the first order Order cleaning

Nothing would have happened without the team.
You are the best, guys ๐Ÿ’š

Mobile version Of.ru

I drew a mobile version website for a company which helps to buy and rent commercial real estate. I held several interviews with business owners to understand how they select offices and what is essential for them

Supporting Zarplata.ru

I helped to upgrade an account section, a number of forms and finalized a mobile version. Also, I’ve drawn the first version of the Android app